Our Services

Our services are classified into four (4) categories; Customized Software solutions, Geographical Information Systems Development, Land Survey Services and Performance driven GIS Specialized Training Services.

Customized Software Solutions 

  1. Geospatial Business Intelligence Apps - are Location Analytics and Business Intelligence Software solutions that integrate a state-of-the-art Geographical Information system (GIS) and Business Intelligence System (BI) in other to solve complex industries and organizations challenges. Geospatial Apps is the new generation business intelligence solution for organization that needs to integrate spatial advantage into their business. Virtually, GIS plays important role in every organization. Geospatial Apps comes in easily customizable modules to fit into your organization needs and requirement.
  2. Government, Enterprise organizations and Financial Institutions - use Geospatial Business Intelligence Apps to view and analyze their business data such as Branch, Corporate business distribution, customer distribution, store locations, distribution networks, sales territories, revenue by region and competitor locations.
  3. Security agencies - map crime incidence in metropolitan areas, see trends and patterns of crime over an administrative, municipal, state or country level.
  4. Insurers - can now better understand the location and temporal distribution of policyholders and their assets with Geospatial Apps.
  5. Real estate and Housing cooperation - use Geospatial App for automated Survey data processing & plan generation, Retail site location, mortgage review and monitoring, leasing patterns, real estate investment portfolio review and analysis for risk.

Geospatial Security Solutions 

Geospatial Wireless Closed Circuit Television (WCCTV) employs advance Video Management System (VMS) with unlimited number of cameras, servers and remote clients supporting approximately 1,000 IP camera models and including access through web and smart phone live view, It also integrates advance video analytics such as motion detection and time compressor in an interactive 3D environment that superimpose camera locations on a site map. Geospatial Network Infrastructure Solution Geospatial also specializes in implementing Computer Networking and System Integration that delivers communications in large organizations with integration of a software system for network performance monitoring. 

Geospatial Survey & GIS Services

SPTS is a full service Survey and Land consultant company formed to service the Survey, Real Estate, oil and gas, Engineering industry and all other Geographical and Geospatial related industries with specialized expertise for both Land, Space, Geospatial analysis and developments. Combining the supply of world leading Survey Instrument, CADD, GIS Software and Rapid application development tools (RAD) with local expertise, Geospatial Information Resource Limited offers competitive pricing alongside industry leading consulting services in:-
  • Engineering and Construction Survey
  • Oil and Gas Survey
  • Hydrographic/Bathymetric Survey
  • Cadastral Survey (Perimeter, Topographical and Layout design) 
Land Project Consultant
  • Land in dispute resolution.
  • Land division, allocation and development.
  • Layout design and Approval.
  • Land Projects and Construction Management.
Geospatial Data Analysis and Development
  • Raster to Vector Conversion.
  • Production of Strategic Geographical Maps.
  • Geographical Information System Analysis.
  • Custom GIS Application Development.
  • Web GIS Solutions.

Geospatial Training Services.

SPTS also specializes in training corporate organizations, Professionals and Government agencies in Geographical Information System, Business Intelligence, System Integration and Enterprise Software Solutions. Geospatial has her dedicated Training Institute, Lagos.

18, Adeleke street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.


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