Our Product

  1. Property Map Server  - is a customized software solution for automatic property mapping, management and monitoring for optimum business performance in a highly competitive Real Estate Industry. The client/server based system would integrate property listing with the location of the property, budget and expected property valuation over a period of time (forecasting); Surveying processes and property business marketing among others in a multi-user environment. This solution gives property developers’ real time access to their properties' locations right on their computer systems anywhere in the world. 
  2. Geospatial Survey Map - is software that helps professional surveyors to process, manipulate, plot and manage all their survey field data. 
  3. Electronic Charting Server - A customized software solution for automatic charting(plotting or drawing) of Land Survey plans on Government Approved Administrative/Acquisition/Regional maps to determine plans that fall on Government Acquisition and hence ensure and enforce due processes before the grant of Certificate of Occupancy. Apart from enforcing compliance, the system also monitors the revenues coming in by the payment control module in the electronic charting software. 
  4. Financial Map Server -  is a customized software solution developed for Banks for mapping of ATMs Points, Customers, Branches and Corporate Businesses in relation to a determined Financial Institution. The software helps to distributes customers by branch, analyze Businesses proximity and generate a coverage pattern both at the branch level and at the headquarter level.
  5. Electricity Map Server  - is a customized software solution for mapping of Streets, Transformers, PHCN offices, and Electric Meters with respect to homes plots etc. The system would generate mapping pattern of power usage in each district; create a consistent system for Power rationing; create and manage the pattern of staff deployment and manage other spatially related challenges. 
  6. Security Intelligence Map Server - is intelligence software for tracking burglary, theft incidences and any other security related issues. The software helps in mapping new and existing cases with a view to revealing burglary patterns and predicting possible future incidents.

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