The following companies are some of our clients; they have a long standing relationship with us.

Civil Defense & Security 

  • Directorate of Army Mapping & Surveys, Nigeria
  • Nigeria Navy Hydrographic Department, Lagos

Financial Institution 

  • Stanbic IBTC - WEB GIS Application in Banking (GIS Technical Training)

Higher Institutions 

  • Survey & Geoinformatics Dept.,
  • University of Lagos & Abia State Polytechnic

Government Ministries

  • Surveyors of Council of Nigeria
  • Ministry of Land and Survey, Maiduguri
  • Ministry of Land and Survey, Kano
  • Ministry of and Land and Survey Jos.
  • Nigerian Communication Commission.
  • Lagos Ministry of Science & Technology.
  • Lagos Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Abuja Geographical Information System(AGIS).
  • Lagos State office of the Surveyor General.

Real Estate and Engineering 

  • Property Mart Real Estate Investment.
  • Lekki Realty Estate Limited, Lagos, Nigeria - Survey Software Solution.
  • Geographic Data Analysis & Services(GEDAS)- WEB GIS Application.

International Agencies

  • Uk Department for Foreign Development (UKDFID)
  • Adam Smith International.

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